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Visiun adds population-health reporting

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Sept. 5, 2016Visiun has added new predictive analytics and population-health reporting to its flagship product, Performance Insight. These new predictive analytics, added to the comprehensive test-use module, are designed to enable laboratories to identify high-risk patients with both elevated patient risk and care gaps. These are patients who are more likely to show up in the later stages of disease and require costly interventions. By running these analytics on the laboratory data, the risk for the patient population can be determined and is stratified by such factors as geography, age, and gender. As a result, targeted interventions can be supported for care management to help reduce care gaps and allow organizations to manage the clinical and financial risk of patient populations for improved outcomes.

The Performance Insight product is compatible with every major laboratory information system on the market, according to a statement issued by Visiun.

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