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Performance analytics, 10/16

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At the AACC show 2016

October 2016—Visiun showcased its predictive analytics and population health reporting, which was added to its flagship product, Performance Insight. The predictive analytics, added to the comprehensive test-use module, are designed to enable laboratories to identify high-risk patients with both elevated patient risk and care gaps. These are patients who are more likely to show up in the later stages of disease and require costly interventions. By running these analytics on the laboratory data, the risk for the patient population can be determined and is stratified by such factors as geography, age, and gender. As a result, targeted interventions can be supported for care management to help reduce care gaps and allow organizations to manage the clinical and financial risks of patient populations for improved outcomes. The Performance Insight product is compatible with every major laboratory information system on the market, according to the company.

The company has also added test utilization to the cloud-based version of its Performance Insight laboratory analytics system. Using Performance Insight in the cloud, lab managers and supervisors can access their test utilization metrics via mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Users of the cloud-based system can also retain and analyze years of test utilization data.

The company’s blood bank utilization module for laboratories and transfusion services was released. Blood banks using the solution will be able to quickly identify how well hospital physicians are complying with transfusion service protocols in order to reduce inappropriate transfusions. Analysis of large-scale data allows a blood bank to review cross-matched to transfused ratios and determine transfusion probabilities. Rich graphical reporting via Performance Insight provides insight into key aspects of laboratory performance including turnaround time, productivity, quality, test utilization, and blood bank utilization.

Visiun has seen its growth rate double since 2014, with hundreds of laboratories live on its Performance Insight. Visiun’s client base has grown to include health systems including NorDx/Maine Medical, Avera Health System, and Fairview Health Services. Earlier this year, following a vendor evaluation process, the Compass Group awarded Visiun the sole source agreement for business intelligence software for their member health systems, encompassing 380 hospitals nationwide.

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