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Pathwork, Kindstar reach deal on IVD kit, 5/13:88

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Pathwork Diagnostics has entered into an agreement with Kindstar Global to provide Kindstar with the FDA-cleared IVD kit version of the Pathwork Tissue of Origin Test. The agreement expands Pathwork’s international network of test and service providers and is the first IVD kit agreement for Pathwork.

Kindstar is the first and largest esoteric diagnostic testing business in China.

The Tissue of Origin Test, available through the Pathwork Diagnostics Laboratory, measures gene-expression levels of 2,000 genes and uses proprietary algorithms to compare the tumor’s gene-expression pattern to that of 15 tumor types, representing 58 morphologies and 90 percent of all solid tumors. The test provides objective genomic information to help the physician diagnose what type of cancer the patient has.

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