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Monoclonal antibody patent issued

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January 2015—Biocare Medical has been awarded a U.S. patent for its anti-PAX8 mouse monoclonal antibody, clone [BC12]. The PAX8 antibody [BC12] is designed to target a restricted epitope and exhibits higher specificity and provides sharper staining than the PAX8 rabbit polyclonal antibody. This clone was developed in-house and is exclusive to Biocare Medical.
Unlike the polyclonal PAX8, this mouse monoclonal antibody does not stain B-cells and does not recognize epitopes of pancreatic origin and neuroendocrine cells in stomach and colon, thus providing superior specificity. The expression of the mouse monoclonal PAX8 target antigens was found in normal kidney, thyroid, and cervix, but was not identified in normal ovary. By Western blot, [BC12] has been shown to recognize PAX8 and not PAX2, PAX5, or PAX6 proteins. PAX8 stains nuclei exclusively and performs well in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissues.

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