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Modular embedding system, 11/15

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Leica Biosystems released its HistoCore Arcadia, a modular embedding system designed to streamline workflow in histopathology laboratories.

HistoCore Arcadia is a combination of the paraffin-dispensing module Arcadia H and the cold plate Arcadia C. Simple operation and precise control help improve the quality, reliability, and speed of embedding work. The new station incorporates wrist pads for increased comfort and stability, an optional magnifier to facilitate specimen orientation of small and complex biopsies, and an LCD touchscreen.

The large workspace area of the Arcadia H allows the user to set out multiple cassettes and molds. The paraffin tank holds up to four liters of paraffin. The temperature of the different compartments and surfaces of the instrument can be adjusted individually.

The cold plate HistoCore Arcadia C can hold more than 60 cassettes and was designed with an environment-adaptive control module to stabilize the operating temperature at around −6°C.

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