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Mass spectrometry medical devices, 10/16

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At the AACC show 2016

October 2016—Waters Corp. showcased its newest IVD medical device for clinical laboratories, the Acquity UPLC I-Class/Xevo TQ-S micro IVD system. The Xevo TQ-XS is a high-performance tandem quadrupole instrument that aims to expand the scope of ultimate sensitivity analysis. When combined with the novel UniSpray source, developed to enable the detection of a wider range of compounds, the user can deliver results for a broader range of analytes in a single analysis.

Waters’ full-spectrum molecular imaging systems, for the discovery and measurement of cancer biomarkers in cells and tissues, integrate MALDI, DESI, and ion mobility mass spectrometry techniques and informatics workflows into a single system. This research tool is designed to discover, identify, and measure a broad range of molecular targets, perform label-free imaging studies without specialized probes, extract the maximum amount of information from a single sample, and definitively and objectively interpret molecular distribution information.

Access significant performance advantages for protein and peptide quantitation over immunoassays, traditional nano-flow, or chip-based LC-MS systems with Waters’ ionKey/MS. This system addresses the quantification needs for proteins and metabolites.

Waters, 508-478-2000


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