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Manual rotary microtome

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November 2018—Sakura Finetek USA launched the Accu-Cut SRM 300 LT manual microtome.

New features include a four-color LED backlit 3D precision chuck, which increases the contrast between specimens and paraffin without warming the block. Users can visualize translucent biopsies in the block using one or a combination of the four LED colors. The fine angle adjustment of the 3D precision chuck aims to ensure accurate alignment of the block face to the blade to reduce trimming time and preserve patient specimen. The course hand wheel is user-selectable for either clockwise or coun-terclockwise rotation. The unit offers a tool organizer that fits on top of the microtome to store tools and dry slides before staining. Two models are available—with and without specimen retraction.

Sakura Finetek, 310-972-7800


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