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High-def PCR respiratory assay

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July 2018—ChromaCode announced the publication of studies from Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center and USC’s Keck School of Medicine highlighting the utility of the company’s HDPCR chemistry and the performance of the HDPCR respiratory assay, for research use only.

The Dartmouth data tested HDPCR’s ability to expand the multiplexing capability of traditional real-time PCR instruments. “We were impressed with the HDPCR’s ability to increase the multiplexing capabilities of our existing equipment without any modifications to the instrument or software. With the ongoing pressure to provide more comprehensive diagnostics at a lower cost, HDPCR promises to address this need and provides the versatility for use in infectious disease, oncology, and genetic applications,” Greg Tsongalis, PhD, director of the Laboratory for Clinical Genomics and Advanced Technology at Dartmouth, said in a release from ChromaCode.

The USC study evaluated the performance of the HDPCR respiratory assay for the detection of common respiratory pathogens from nasopharyngeal swab specimens. The study noted high concordance between HDPCR and a commercially available respiratory pathogen panel. The studies were presented during the 2017 Association for Molecular Pathology annual meeting in Salt Lake City.
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