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Helomics, MDNA launch prostate test, 7/17

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July 2017—Helomics and MDNA Life Sciences announced the commercial launch of MDNA’s liquid biopsy Prostate Mitomic Test in select U.S. markets. The proprietary test, which utilizes MDNA’s Mitomic Technology platform, uses the unique biological characteristics of mitochondrial DNA and is available in the clinical laboratories of Helomics.

PMT is a liquid biopsy test independent of PSA and age for the early detection of high-grade prostate cancer in advance of biopsy. It is intended for use in men with clinical suspicion of prostate cancer to determine who is likely to have high-grade cancer that may require immediate intervention. PMT’s high negative predictive value will also be useful in identifying cases that can safely delay or forego immediate biopsy.

Helomics, 412-432-1547

MDNA Life Sciences, 844-321-6362