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Helmer Scientific unveils medical-grade refrigerators

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Jan. 22, 2019—Helmer Scientific has unveiled its GX Solutions, professional medical-grade refrigerators with OptiCool cooling systems. The refrigerators have been designed for the needs of critical health care applications, such as medication, vaccine, blood, and patient sample storage and offer control in temperature management, noise management, and energy management.

The refrigerators offer temperature management in three areas: uniformity, where temperatures are maintained within +/-1°C throughout the unit; recovery, where temperature recovers faster after door openings; and stability, where there are fewer temperature deviations from the set point. “The optimization of all three temperature components ensures that products are safely stored anywhere within the unit, at the right temperature, and without fluctuations or rapid temperature changes,” the company said in its statement.

GX refrigerators have a noise output of 42 decibels and are Energy Star certified.


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