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GenomOncology pathology workbench at Emory

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December 2018—GenomOncology announced that Emory Healthcare is using GenomOncology’s GO Pathology Workbench system as part of its clinical reporting process. The GO Pathology Workbench is an end-to-end solution that integrates directly with lab sequencers, annotates detected variants, brings together suggested relevant clinical trials, and produces a summary report of therapeutic impact. It uses the GO Knowledge Management System, which provides direct access to gene and variant-level information derived from My Cancer Genome.

“GenomOncology’s Pathology Workbench is an important part of our solid tumor panel clinical reporting workflow, and we’re also planning on using it for our new myeloid panel,” Charles Hill, MD, PhD, director of the Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory at Emory University Hospital, said in a statement.

The workbench provides a customized workflow for labs to analyze sequencing data and manage relevant molecular testing results from NGS and other test modes, including FISH, karyotyping, RT-PCR, IHC, and array. Emory Healthcare uses the software to evaluate for the presence of genetic alterations and generate and sign out clinical reports.

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