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Chemo exposure optimization assays, 7/13:109

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Saladax Biomedical has been certified as a registered CLIA laboratory by the Office of Clinical Standards and Quality, a part of CMS that regulates lab testing performed on humans. The CLIA certification and approval allows the company to begin clinical laboratory operations for its MyCare product portfolio at facilities in Bethlehem, Pa.

Saladax Biomedical Laboratories (SBL), a division of Saladax Biomedical, on July 1 began offering testing in the United States for chemotherapy exposure optimization assays, including My5-FU, MyPaclitaxel, and MyDocetaxel. SBL’s testing services menu will expand to include more than one dozen new exposure optimization tests now in development.

As a simple blood test, MyCare products will provide oncologists with information to determine the optimal chemotherapy dose required to maximize effectiveness and limit toxicity to their patients on an individual basis.

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