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Cell-free DNA tests, 2/16

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February 2016—NeoGenomics has expanded its liquid biopsy testing menu to include two new tests, a NeoLab Solid Tumor Monitor and a NeoLab BTK Inhibitor Acquired Resistance test. Each of the tests uses cell-free DNA from peripheral blood plasma without the need for tissue biopsies.

The NeoLab Solid Tumor Monitor is designed to quantify and track genomic abnormalities in tumors. It is offered to help the treating physician monitor cancer patients to evaluate response to therapy. Information from the liquid biopsy test can also be used to capture the heterogeneity in the cancer, monitor the emergence of new resistant clones, and predict relapse.

NeoLab Solid Tumor Monitor testing is restricted to patients with documented metastatic cancer who carry specific molecular abnormalities confirmed at NeoGenomics by tissue biopsy testing. Testing of cfDNA in this subgroup of patients is performed using next-generation sequencing along with a high-sensitivity procedure.

The NeoLab BTK Inhibitor Acquired Resistance test is designed to predict resistance to Bruton tyrosine kinase inhibitors. Resistance to BTK inhibitors is associated with mutations in the BTK and PLCG2 genes. This test is capable of detecting mutations in these two genes prior to tissue or cell-based testing. The test can be used to monitor patients treated with BTK inhibitors, especially in chronic lymphocytic leukemia, mantle cell lymphoma, and diffuse large B-cell lymphoma. Using this method, mutations in BTK and PLCG2 can be detected about two to 12 months before the appearance of overt clinical resistance to therapy.

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