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February 2019

Digital pathology matchmaking: people, pixels

February 2019—Digital pathology is many things. One thing it’s not is a one-night stand. As laboratories contemplate using digital pathology for primary diagnosis in the wake of the FDA’s approval nearly two years ago, it’s become abundantly clear that while digital pathology might seem to promise easy pleasure, it’s actually as complicated as keeping multiple spouses happy. Think Jacob, Rachel, and Leah. Think “Big Love.” Whatever your reference, you better (to quote the Queen of Soul) think. Think about the questions and worries of top executives. Think about pathologists and their workflow. Think about the influence of IT. And then keep thinking.

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No diagnostics, no stopping antibiotic misuse

February 2017—In a context where the lack of drugs against resistant bacterial pathogens will continue and antimicrobial prescriptions are highly complex, effective antibiotic stewardship programs are strongly needed. In the U.S., the CDC and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services highly recommend, while the Joint Commission requires, that all hospitals and nursing care centers have antimicrobial stewardship programs, effective January 2017.

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