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June 2018

Frontline dispatches from the burnout battle

June 2018—Bryan Bohman, MD, doesn’t spend his days wandering the Bay Area handing out buttons that read “Lift people, not the bottom line.” But don’t rule this out as a possibility someday, either. Dr. Bohman, chief medical officer, University Healthcare Alliance, and clinical professor of anesthesiology and perioperative and pain medicine, Stanford Health Care, is campaigning against physician burnout. Yes, it threatens the quality of medical care, he says, and yes, it’s expensive.

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Q&A column

June 2018—What is the role of total testosterone and free testosterone in gauging the effectiveness of androgen deprivation therapy?

We are planning to validate the mismatch repair panel in our immunohistochemistry laboratory. Do we use the CAP guidelines for antibody validation for a nonpredictive marker or a predictive marker?

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