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October 2016

Clinical Pathology Abstracts, 10/16

October 2016—Risk factors for transfusion in cesarean section deliveries at a tertiary hospital: Obstetrical hemorrhage is a major cause of morbidity and mortality in young women and may be difficult to predict. In some regions of the world, postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) may account for up to 25 percent of maternal deaths. Many studies have focused on the predictors of PPH before delivery.

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Q&A column, 10/16

October 2016—What are the guidelines for proper handling and processing of blood specimens collected in serum separator tubes? Are there regulations guiding the practice of taking additional blood samples from a patient even though there are no orders for the blood samples? These “just in case” specimens are sent to our laboratory by the emergency department when a port or catheter is placed in the patient. The ED’s reasoning is that it prevents a patient from being stuck twice if there is an order for blood tests later. Our lab has to either store the samples or process them (centrifuge or separate RBCs from serum) so they are ready in case an order is entered later. Should this practice be banned? Should we refuse to accept these samples?

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Newsbytes, 10/16

October 2016—Process improvement software more than online suggestion box; Viewics launches analytics tool for diabetes management; Hc1.com joins forces with Experian Health; OptraScan introduces whole slide imaging scanner; Contracts and installations

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