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October 2015

Put It on the Board, 10/15

Neuropathologist Dr. Omalu in spotlight at CAP ’15: Bennet Omalu, MD, MBA, MPH, who gave the spotlight event speech at CAP ’15 earlier this month, says he met retired Pittsburgh Steeler Mike Webster before conducting the 2002 autopsy that would lead to the first diagnosis of chronic traumatic encephalopathy in a National Football League player.

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NY cuts labs loose from requirement to use state’s PT

October 2015—With the New Year approaching, many laboratories that test New York state specimens can look forward to breathing a sigh of relief. Regulatory relief, that is. Thanks to a policy change by the state’s Clinical Laboratory Evaluation Program (CLEP), beginning Jan. 1, 2016, laboratories will still have to be inspected by the state, but can fill New York’s proficiency requirement with the proficiency tests of any organization to which the CMS has granted deemed status under CLIA.

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From the President’s Desk: First things first, 10/15

October 2015—As I mulled over the best way to begin my first column, two classes I had taken long ago came to mind. The first was part of an intensive undergraduate philosophy program at Stanford in 1978. The second, on organizational behavior, was part of a master’s program in health care management at Harvard 20 years later. In each case, I expected little more than a series of fuzzy discussions. Instead, the components I thought would be the lightest were the deepest.

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Automated molecular platforms — the latest on two dozen

October 2015—CAP TODAY’s automated molecular platforms product guide begins on page 31 and features 26 platforms from 18 companies. Faster turnaround times and higher throughput are among the capabilities that manufacturers are touting. New to the market is BioMérieux’s EasyStream, which was first installed in Europe in 2014 and sold in the U.S. this year. EliTech Group, new to the product guide, introduced its Elite InGenius this year.

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Groups urge phase-in of RHD genotyping

October 2015—It may not be quite like boxing frogs or herding cats. But gaining broad consensus on a laboratory medicine practice can be difficult, especially where multiple organizations must agree. A new joint statement on RHD genotyping by the CAP and the AABB, plus four other organizations, shows that such consensus is possible, however, even where it involves a laboratory medicine practice in place for more than 50 years—especially when advances in molecular testing are offering a solution to a problem.

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