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March 2013

Put it On The Board, 3/13

March 2013—FDA clears ALK automated gene scanner; precision medicine center at Weill Cornell, NY-Presbyterian; sequence-based system cleared for HLA typing; Abbott to collaborate on companion CLL test; Cepheid, OHSU to develop oncology assays for Xpert; Clarient adopts Qiagen KRAS; test could reduce number of repeat biopsies; and Ventana, Biocare sign p63 license agreement.

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Q & A, 3/13

March 2013—Submit your pathology-related question for reply by appropriate medical consultants. CAP TODAY will make every effort to answer all relevant questions. However, those questions that are not of general interest may not receive a reply. For your question to be considered, you must include your name and address; this information will be omitted if your question is published in CAP TODAY.

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Anatomic Pathology Selected Abstracts, 3/13

March 2013—Immunohistochemical assay versus Oncotype DX qRT-PCR assay for estrogen and progesterone receptors; accuracy and precision of endometrial intraepithelial neoplasia diagnosis; histologic patterns and molecular characteristics of lung adenocarcinoma; MicroRNA expression profiling as a diagnostic tool for thyroid cancer; inflammation and preneoplastic lesions in benign prostate as risk factors for prostate cancer; and reclassification of serous ovarian carcinoma using a two-tier system.

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