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January 2013

Anatomic Pathology Selected Abstracts, 1/13

January 2013—Relationship between PAX2-null secretory cell outgrowths in the oviduct and pelvic serous cancer: With the exception of germ-line mutations in ovarian cancer susceptibility genes, genetic predictors for women destined for ovarian serous cancer cannot be identified in advance of malignancy. The authors recently showed that benign secretory cell outgrowths (SCOUTs) in the oviduct increase in frequency with concurrent serous cancer and typically lack PAX2 expression (PAX2-null).

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Clinical Pathology Selected Abstracts, 1/13

January 2013—Chocolate consumption, cognitive function, and Nobel laureates: Dietary flavonoids are associated with health benefits, including improved cognitive function and reduced risks associated with aging, such as the risk of dementia. Flavonoids, or the subclass flavanols, are present in green tea, red wine, cocoa, and some fruits. Evidence has also shown that flavanols are linked to lower blood pressure due to vasodilation in the peripheral vasculature and brain.

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Cytopathology and More | Endometrial cells in Pap tests—when are they significant?

January 2013—Use of the Papanicolaou test has significantly decreased the incidence of cervical carcinoma, especially cervical squamous cell carcinoma. For endometrial adenocarcinoma, which is the most common malignancy of the gynecologic tract there is no cost-effective screening test. The Bethesda system 2001 recommends reporting normal endometrial cells in women 40 years or older and any atypical endometrial cells under the atypical glandular cells category.

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Newsbytes, 1/13

January 2013—Obtaining buy-in for an information systems buy; 2012 Best in KLAS Awards: Siemens laboratory system a winner once again; Apollo and ClearData team up on cloud-based offering; Alternative meaningful use criterion for reporting laboratory results; HHS posts information on mobile device security

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