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August 2013

Anatomic Pathology Selected Abstracts, 8/13

August 2013—Endometrium as a primary site of origin of pelvic high-grade serous carcinoma in BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation carriers; Criteria and pitfalls in diagnosis of lymphovascular invasion in prostatectomy specimens; An interobserver study of reproducibility in subtyping pulmonary adenocarcinomas; Value of PAX8, PAX2, claudin-4, and h-caldesmon in identifying peritoneal epithelioid mesotheliomas; Clinicopathologic study of cutaneous digital papillary adenocarcinoma;

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Newsbytes, 8/13

August 2013—From pathologist to IT professional: a telling of five tales: Many people wear more than one hat in life, but rarely are they employed as both a hospital’s pathologist and information technology professional—consecutively or simultaneously. Only a select group has donned both chapeaux.

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Q & A, 08/13

August 2013—What are considered best practices for tracking re-sult trending in the lab? We use hemoglobin running mean in our hematology department because it is built into the analyzer software. The chemistry department will have a difficult time applying moving averages without purchasing middleware.

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