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BoneStation, 8/13:87

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Milestone Medical’s BoneStation is a dedicated system for standardizing fixation and decalcification of bone specimens.

Users can optimize molecular testing results with increased RNA yield from routine cases by combining less aggressive decalcifying solutions with BoneStation’s controlled agitation and temperature management. Users can access and build timesaving protocols with a touchscreen icon-driven interface, which also enables temperature control and monitoring.

BoneStation has a small footprint and two work platforms. The first platform, for decalcification, contains a stirring heating plate paired with an infrared sensor for precise temperature control. The second platform contains the fixation area, which maintains homogeneous reagent temperatures with an integrated magnetic stirrer. A glass workbench provides users with an area on which to assess specimen quality.
Milestone Medical, 866-995-5300

Milestone Medical, 866-995-5300