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Biocare Medical unveils IVD staining platform

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Jan. 29, 2019—Biocare Medical released its Valent IVD open and fully automated staining platform.

“Valent breaks the 30-slide barrier,” the company said in a statement, “processing 48 slides simultaneously and supporting unparalleled throughput with minimal hands-on time.” It employs a high-capacity lithium battery to boost the antigen retrieval process and safeguard staining runs in the event of power loss.

Valent has automatic sensors that minimize errors before and during runs. The software’s intuitive user interface places frequently used functions in a color-coded block on the main screen. The onboard mixing capability allows for a walkaway operation, and with a 50-µL reagent vial dead volume, reagent loss is minimized. A dual-axis inclinometer and motorized legs make it possible for the platform to self-level.


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