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Benchtop cryoembedding station, 7/15

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379-milestoneJuly 2015—The patented PrestoChill is an all-dry cryoembedding system from Milestone Medical that does not use liquid nitrogen, CO2, or isopentane. The 60-second freezing time prevents the formation of ice crystals. An automatic defrost cycle is provided to eliminate the potential formation of ice on the freezing platform. It consists of a heater embedded in the freezing platform and a vacuum pump to extract water vapors from the chamber. Vapors are condensed and collected in a cold trap placed in the front of the unit for easy handling. A HEPA filter is provided on the exhaust side of the pump. Integrated software can set the defrost cycle to take place during off hours, then automatically restart the cooling cycle at a preset time to ensure availability for the first case of the day.

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