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Beckman launches flow cytometry business tool

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October 2018—Beckman Coulter launched its DURA Innovations Cost Benefit Calculator Tool, which allows flow cytometry customers to analyze areas of waste in the laboratory. The Cost Benefit Calculator helps the laboratory achieve greater efficiencies by identifying at least eight significant sources of waste. Examples are the number of times a month a cocktail is specially prepared, the amount spent per month on liquid reagents, and the cost of shipping refrigerated supplies.

“For example, manually mixing large quantities of cocktails, say 10 specimens with single color panels, would take approximately four hours from sample receipt to first results. In contrast, our Resource service would deliver the panels ready mixed to the lab’s specific requirement, completely eliminating both labor costs and reagent waste,” Mario Koksch, MD, PhD, VP and general manager of Beckman’s cytometry business unit, said in a press release.

DURA Innovations dry reagent solutions are available from Lucid custom design and cocktailing services or in bulk through Resource contract manufacturing services.

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