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Beckman joins forces with Johns Hopkins

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November 2018—Beckman Coulter Diagnostics is collaborating with Johns Hopkins Medicine to explore co-innovation initiatives with the goal of developing and commercializing novel solutions that address challenges in health care.

Beckman Coulter will observe Johns Hopkins’ researchers and clinicians as they work to develop new technologies and concepts, potentially leading to medical breakthroughs that could help patients. Beckman will be able to test solutions on site with experts who are working toward better patient care. These solutions may be brought to market and contribute to elevating health care.

“It is critical to explore and test new and innovative solutions with clinicians working in actual clinical settings to determine real-world quality and effectiveness. This will help us to address clinical challenges in a rapidly changing environment and foster our efforts to move health care forward for every person,” John Blackwood, Sr. VP and general manager of products and services, Beckman Coulter Diagnostics, said in a press release.

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