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Beckman Coulter, Arkray launch iQ Workcell

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Aug. 1, 2018Beckman Coulter and U.S. Arkray announced a partnership and the launch of the iQ Urinalysis Workcell, which pairs Beckman’s Iris iQ200 Digital Flow Morphology system with the Arkray Aution Max AX-4030 fully automated urine analyzer. The iQ Urinalysis Workcell will be available in the U.S. exclusively through Beckman Coulter; the company will also offer the Aution Max AX-4030 and the Aution Eleven AE-4022 analyzers as standalone solutions.

“This partnership integrates our urine chemistry solutions with Beckman Coulter’s urine particle analysis systems in the United States. Through this partnership with Beckman Coulter, Arkray can respond to the market demand to pair Aution chemistry with sediment solutions. This combination of a fully automated urinalysis solution combined with a backup solution and standardized test strips deliver continuity within laboratory networks,” Shane Hawes, general manager for Arkray, said in a press release.

The iQ Workcell is a scalable solution with three configurations—iQ 3000, 2000, and 1500 workcells. Beckman’s digital flow morphology process auto-classifies 12 particle types with 27 subcategories and aims to reduce subjectivity during data analysis. Arkray urine chemistry strips have broad measuring ranges for expanded clinical utility.

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