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23andMe offers genotyping services to researchers

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Aug. 31, 2016—23andMe has launched a Genotyping Services for Research platform, designed to provide scientists with an end-to-end service to incorporate genetic information into their studies.

“GSR simplifies the genotyping process and allows any researcher with an IRB-approved study to incorporate genetics into their research, regardless of their own genetics expertise,” Ruby Gadelrab, 23andMe’s vice president of commercial marketing, said in a statement. “Typically, research studies don’t return any data to the participants. We’ve enabled researchers to give results back to participants in the form of the 23andMe experience, which we believe is a huge advantage in recruiting. This is the way research studies of the future will be conducted, as evidenced by the desire of those leading the Precision Medicine Initiative to return results to participants.”

23andMe’s GSR is for researchers recruiting participants for prospective studies and looking to generate genetic information from those cohorts. Researchers will be able to use the platform to track and manage their projects, and download data in real-time as samples are genotyped through the 23andMe Researcher Dashboard. When paired with 23andMe’s mobile API for ResearchKit, researchers will have the ability to create apps to collect digital phenotypes on smartphones to study alongside genetic information.

The end-to-end service includes non-invasive sample collection, DNA extraction, genotyping (arrays, reagents and sample processing), data and project tracking for researchers, and return of 23andMe reports to participants. GSR also aims to simplify the recruiting process, offering noninvasive sample collection through a simple saliva kit, and the ability to recruit nationally by shipping the 23andMe kit directly to participants’ homes.

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