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Voicebrook releases VoiceOver PRO

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May 16, 2018Voicebrook has released VoiceOver PRO Pathology Reporting Optimized software, which comprises PRO Report Builder and PRO Assistant, for creating pathology reports.

The product’s Report Builder component displays the entire pathology report, including gross description, diagnosis, and CAP content, in one window. Customizable templates allow users to speed through the reporting process using discrete data fields that auto-advance, eliminating unnecessary commands. Report Builder also provides tools for synoptic reporting and structured data capture.

The software’s PRO Assistant functionality works in the background, employing smart behaviors, such as automatic part placement and automatic formatting, and inserting relevant data from the gross description into the microscopic section, which eliminates redundant dictation.

VoiceOver PRO also offers dictation options, such as downtime reporting and digital recording for front-end capture and third-party editing.

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