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AMP case report: Detection of concurrent hematologic malignancies in solid tumor NGS testing may cause false-positive results

November 2018—CAP TODAY and the Association for Molecular Pathology have teamed up to bring molecular case reports to CAP TODAY readers. AMP members write the reports using clinical cases from their own practices that show molecular testing’s important role in diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment. The following report comes from Weill Cornell Medicine.

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In cancer sequencing, a new lingua franca

February 2017—NGS has taken its NBS, or next big step: a newly published joint consensus guideline on how to interpret and report sequence variants in cancer. With these 20 pages of best practices for making next-generation sequencing a regular part of cancer diagnostics, the field is moving, essentially, from frontier town to gated community.

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Method or test? Providing clarity to clinicians on NGS

September 2016—Whether it was “This is your brain on drugs,” “Take a bite out of crime,” or “Friends don’t let friends drive drunk” popping up onscreen, few of us watching TV in the 1970s and ’80s enjoyed having our programs interrupted by those public service announcements. Yet those important messages stuck in viewers’ brains—and stuck hard, if homages such as the Washington Post’s “10 Best PSAs of All Time” are anything to go by.

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Shorts on Standards: Update on the frontier of NGS, 7/16

July 2016—Next-generation sequencing has continued to deliver on its promises and potential in the diagnostic arena. However, as with any emerging and evolving technology, the medical and scientific community faces the challenge of assessing the implications and demonstrating definitive clinical uses of its expanding capabilities, especially in the context of medical efficacy, clinical utility, and cost efficiency.

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