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POC glucose: views on volume, critical care, ACOs

April 2018—Test volume, limitations on devices used in critical care, consolidation, and population health is what CAP TODAY asked about when it spoke in March with the makers of three bedside glucose testing systems. Their systems and those of two other companies are profiled on pages 44-49. “The customers are more aware than ever of the limitations that are in the package inserts from the glucose manufacturers,” says Corrine Fantz, PhD, director of medical and scientific affairs for point-of-care testing, Roche Diagnostics. But she and Kevin Peacock, clinical marketing manager, HemoCue America, say there is still confusion. Here is more of what they and others told senior editor Amy Carpenter Aquino.

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AP-LIS vendors talk reports, interfaces, protocols

February 2018—Customer demand, cancer protocols, and consolidation of pathology practices are some of what CAP TODAY asked about when it spoke in January with four anatomic pathology computer system companies. Their AP systems and those of 17 other companies are profiled in the anatomic pathology computer systems interactive product guide. “It’s a really good time for our market right now,” says Joe Nollar of Xifin, “and systems providers need to be creative in helping their clients get the solutions they need to be scalable, competitive, and profitable.” Here is more of what they told writer Anne Ford.

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Sigma analysis, role and limitations: development of a QC program for the Beckman Coulter AU5812

October 2017—The challenge for all clinical laboratories is to produce the highest quality in vitro diagnostic results in the most efficient manner. Fortunately, high quality and high efficiency are not mutually exclusive, and the direct correlation between the two is well documented.1,2 As the quality of processes increases, so does process efficiency, which ultimately drives down costs.

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Volume, value, technology steering 2017 instrument buys

July 2017—For at least some laboratories, economic conditions and capital flows are calling for a cautious approach to purchasing new laboratory instruments. As one analyst of the clinical laboratory services industry was heard to say recently: “Because of tight capital, nobody is buying anything unless it breaks.” But laboratory executives and medical directors at some of the nation’s largest health systems in the Northeast, West, and Midwest take a different view.

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Guide to urinalysis instrumentation

December 2015—Not everyone shares Lauren Foohey’s idea of a good time, and she knows it. “Performing urine sediment analysis under a microscope—I thought it was fun,” Foohey says with a laugh. She spent 10 years in the laboratory before ultimately becoming senior director of global marketing for point-of-care urinalysis and diabetes at Siemens Healthcare, Point of Care Diagnostics.

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