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From the President's Desk: What we learn from member surveys

May 2018—As a professional society, we want to know what our members need so we can provide services and programs to help them excel. We know that pathology practices are diverse because they have to be—science is never static. We also know that practice settings vary widely. In short, CAP members’ interests and concerns are uncommonly diverse because our field is uncommonly diverse.

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From the President’s Desk: Family matters, 12/17

December 2017—Most of us look forward to the holidays. We are excited about renewing old connections or making new ones, getting together with family and friends, having special meals, attending comforting services, gathering together to exchange gifts or just talk. We look forward to the comforts of predictability. The corny Dad jokes that must be retold. Family stories, those true and nearly true, are relived together and, for the younger members of the family, may be heard for the first time. Familiar, treasured television shows are seen for the umpteenth time. Beautiful lights, shows, pageants, and parades dazzle all, young and old.

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From the President’s Desk: CAP17—No match for being there, 11/17

November 2017—My sister Jean had a Chatty Cathy doll; you pulled a cord in the back of her neck and she would say one of a handful of things (“Would you like some tea?”). Chatty Cathy was Jean’s favorite for a while, supplanting her much-loved Raggedy Ann. The coup lasted just long enough to make it plain that the new kid on the block didn’t have much to say for herself. She was kind of stiff and controlling, really. Raggedy Ann was a much better listener. Making up stories with her was a lot more fun.

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