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Add-ons, consults spared cuts in proposed fee schedule

August 2016—The proposed Medicare physician fee schedule for 2017 features a slight dip in overall revenue for pathology groups and independent laboratories, but payment for flow cytometry and the technical components of prostate biopsy and surgical pathology work could fall by double-digit percentages if the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services stands pat with its final rule later this year.

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FilmArray GI: findings from first months of clinical use

April 2016—Treating Clostridium difficile can be dreadfully difficult, even when a clinician doesn’t have to navigate ordering restrictions based on testing frequency. So when Julie A. Ribes, MD, PhD, director of clinical microbiology at UK HealthCare in Lexington, Ky., received a phone call last year from a clinician who asked for repeat C. difficile testing, she was more than sympathetic.

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Immunotherapy steers focus to microenvironment

March 2016—It’s not every day that a monoclonal antibody leads the news. But when former president Jimmy Carter was successfully treated for metastasized melanoma last year with the new drug pembrolizumab (Keytruda), the story made headlines. Carter’s recovery—surprising to many when it was announced in December—may have been helped by traditional radiation and chemotherapy. However, the role played by pembrolizumab spotlighted immunotherapy as an exciting advance in the evolution of cancer treatment.

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