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Current and emerging biomarkers: science, technologies, and practicalities

Webinar presenter Achim Battmann, PD, Chief Physician of the Institute of Pathology, Hospital Northwest in Frankfurt am Main, Tabetha Sundin, PhD, HCLD, MB, discusses the crucial role pathologists play in furthering advancements that may help predict which patients are likely to benefit from immuno-oncology therapies. This webinar will empower you to understand the biology behind current and emerging immuno-oncology biomarkers. This on-demand webinar originally broadcast on October 3, 2018.

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Next step? The switch from stool culture to PCR

September 2018—The advantages of moving from stool culture to a molecular platform are many: faster time to results, more accurate pathogen identification, a savings of space and staff time. For Jose Alexander, MD, D(ABMM), SM, MB(ASCP), and colleagues at Florida Hospital Orlando, another plus is being able to adhere to the Infectious Diseases Society of America guideline suggestion that labs use a diagnostic approach that can distinguish O157 from non-O157 E. coli and Shiga toxin 1 from Shiga toxin 2 E. coli.

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Procalcitonin: once is not enough.
The critical role of serial testing.

Webinar presenters Matthew Bell, Mike Broyles, PharmD, and Eric Gluck, MD, discuss current laboratory/clinical practice, how to use procalcitonin in sepsis and LRTI to determine when to start and stop antibiotic therapy, the importance of procalcitonin assay precision and sensitivity to support clinical decisions, and the impact of procalcitonin testing on antibiotic stewardship. This on-demand webinar originally broadcast on August 21, 2018.

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The aftermath of an overwhelming flu season,
a discussion on lessons learned

Webinar presenters Margie A. Morgan, PhD, D(ABMM), and Gregory J. Berry, PhD, D(ABMM), discuss the impacts of this past year’s flu season. This webinar will empower you to anticipate the impact of another significant flu season, assess your health care system testing needs; and choose the appropriate tests/algorithm for your lab. This on-demand webinar originally broadcast on August 15, 2018.

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Developing perspectives on BRCA testing: new horizons for breast cancer

Webinar presenters Tabetha Sundin, PhD, HCLD(ABB), MB(ASCP)CM and Leigha Senter-Jamieson, MS, discuss the rationale for BRCA mutation testing in breast cancer, key highlights of the BRCA testing and interpretation process, and reconsidering multi-disciplinary team roles and responsibilities to streamline the testing experience. This on-demand webinar was originally broadcast on March 29, 2018.

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