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Benchtop centrifuges, 11/13

The Allegra X-5 air-cooled benchtop centrifuge from Beckman Coulter Life Sciences is designed specifically for clinical sample preparation. Bundled packages, which include swinging bucket rotors and common adapters, enable fast and convenient setup and are offered for a range of clinical sample prep applications.

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Beckman expands flow cytometry line, 9/13

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences has acquired the flow cytometry business assets of ReaMetrix India, a Bangalore-based life science technology company. The transaction provides Beckman Coulter with temperature-stable, single-dose, multi-color antibody cocktails targeting the HIV monitoring and clinical research markets.

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Automated ESR analysis system, 9/13:78 (AACC)

Through a distribution agreement with Alifax, Beckman Coulter and Iris Diagnostics have launched the Alifax automated erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) analysis system. The automated ESR analysis systems are designed to fit the workloads of small hospitals, large reference laboratories, core laboratories, and satellite locations. The ESR system increases productivity, improves efficiencies in laboratory labor use, and reduces turnaround times. The ...

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HbA1c test, 9/13 (AACC)

Beckman Coulter’s FDA-approved hemoglobin A1c assay (HbA1c) with improved performance is for standard use on the company’s UniCel DxC systems. The HbA1c reagent was designed and developed to improve accuracy and precision, to continue to meet the latest accuracy grading from the College of American Pathologists and the recommendations of the National Glycohemoglobin Standardization Program and International Federation of Clinical ...

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Troponin I assay, 9/13:76 (AACC)

Beckman Coulter’s FDA-cleared Access AccuTnI+3 troponin I assay is available for use on the company’s Access 2 immunoassay system. In accordance with FDA requirements, the company conducted a large multicenter prospective clinical trial on the AccuTnI+3 troponin I assay that enrolled more than 1,900 subjects. The trial confirmed that the assay provides the clinical performance necessary for optimal patient management. ...

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Hematology analyzer, 9/13:76 (AACC)

Beckman Coulter’s UniCel DxH 600 Coulter cellular analysis system is for mid- to high-volume laboratories. The benchtop hematology analyzer—with advanced software—provides laboratories with exceptional quality results, improved first-pass accuracy, and automatic rerun and reflex testing, thereby reducing overall manual review rates and processes. The UniCel DxH 600 is equipped with software that saves time by allowing labs to partially release ...

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Data processing and storage system, 9/13:74 (AACC)

Beckman Coulter’s Remisol Advance data-management system, v1.7 streamlines laboratory workflow and the result management process by improving sample tracking and results archiving, and through consolidating patient test information from multiple instruments in the lab or from multiple labs in the hospital network. Remisol Advance v1.7 unifies data management and features a 166 percent increase in sample data processing throughput and ...

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