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Anatomic pathology selected abstracts

Analysis of the surveillance of women diagnosed with atypical ductal hyperplasia on core needle biopsy
August 2018—A needle core biopsy diagnosis of atypical ductal hyperplasia is an indication for open biopsy. The launch of randomized clinical trials of active surveillance for low-risk ductal carcinoma in situ leads to the paradoxical situation of women with low-grade ductal carcinoma in situ being observed and those with atypical ductal hyperplasia having surgery.

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Molecular pathology selected abstracts

Prevalence of clonal hematopoiesis mutations in tumor-only clinical genomic profiling of solid tumors
August 2018—Challenges to implementing next-generation sequencing-based comprehensive molecular profiling of solid tumors include reliably separating germline variants from somatic variants. This is an important consideration, particularly when a “tumor-only” profiling approach is used.

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Clinical pathology selected abstracts

Trends in perioperative RBC transfusion from index cases in five surgical specialties
July 2018—In recent years, greater attention has been given to patient blood management. While contemporary national guidelines recommend restrictive red blood cell transfusion, it is not known whether such transfusions have decreased in surgical patients. Approximately 11 million RBC transfusions are performed annually, and two-thirds of those are for patients in the perioperative period.

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Clinical Pathology Abstracts, 5/18

May 2018—Use of a smartphone app to assess neonatal jaundice: Neonates are screened for hyperbilirubinemia before hospital discharge using a transcutaneous or total serum bilirubin measurement. However, levels peak at approximately 96 hours of life, which is after most healthy infants have left the hospital. Outpatient follow-up is often performed by visual inspection, but this can be highly variable and have poor interobserver agreement.

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