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Sysmex rolls out two hematology systems

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Nov. 7, 2017Sysmex America is introducing two hematology automation systems that aim to provide laboratories in the United States with more customized, scalable, and efficient operations. Both systems integrate with the new SP-50 fifth-generation slidemaker/stainer, enhancing automation that can promote consistency while increasing laboratory efficiency.

The XN-9100 is designed for high-volume and growing labs seeking greater flexibility in instrument form and function. It provides the same connectivity options as the XN-9000 but with greater customization that saves space and maximizes productivity. Features of the XN-9100 include twin modularity, combining two neighboring XN units in one twin module, add-on modules for lab-specific modification to meet a lab’s unique testing needs, including total lab automation connectivity that is compatible with major manufacturers’ systems, and complete EDTA sample management with integration of ESR and HbA1C testing into the hematology line.

The XN-3100 is a compact benchtop unit. With an optional wagon for greater storage and easy reagent access and replenishment, the XN-3100 aims to be an ideal solution for lower- to mid-volume testing facilities. With two XN analyzers processing samples simultaneously, the throughput is consistently high and delivers the advanced clinical parameters larger volume labs have come to rely on, according to the company. Features of the XN-3100 include a recommended workload from 250 to 400 samples per day, seamless integration of the SP-50 into the workflow, high morphological quality for diagnostics, and advanced clinical parameters.

The XN-9100 and XN-3100 systems are available through the company.

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