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Sanquin selects Alinity s for blood, plasma screening

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June 2018—Sanquin and Abbott announced they signed a multiyear contract for the supply of primary serological equipment and consumables, including Abbott’s Alinity s system, for blood and plasma screening.

The Alinity s platform aims to help Sanquin increase efficiency while maintaining high levels of accuracy for blood and plasma screening. “The high specificity of the assays for donor screening further minimizes the unnecessary disposal of blood and plasma units given voluntarily by our donors,” Anton van Weert, PhD, MBA, manager of donor screening and infectious disease diagnostics, Sanquin, said in a press release.

Sanquin, based in Amsterdam, provided independent input into the design of the Alinity s system and served as a clinical testing site during the development process.

Abbott, 224-667-6100


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