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Qiagen, Centogene join forces on rare disease testing, 1/18

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January 2018—Qiagen and Centogene announced a collaboration and comarketing agreement to provide customers more complete sample-to-insight research and clinical testing solutions in rare genetic diseases. The collaboration includes the integration of Centogene’s CentoMD rare disease variant database into Qiagen’s bioinformatics offering to enhance test interpretation.

The CentoMD phenotype/genotype database, with more than 4.5 million clinically annotated variants from 135,000 cases from more than 115 countries, will add to the Qiagen Knowledge Base and Qiagen Clinical Insight bioinformatics solution. Qiagen will be the exclusive worldwide commercial distribution partner of CentoMD, and Centogene will license Qiagen’s bioinformatics solutions to support Centogene’s rare disease diagnostic testing services. The companies will also work together to develop advanced machine-learning methods to improve clinical prediction.

Qiagen, 800-426-8157

Centogene, 49 (0) 381 203 652-222


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