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CareEvolve, an ELLKAY company, CareEvolve

CareEvolve, an ELLKAY company, CareEvolve

Laboratory-provider links software, April 2017

Contact Information

Brian Jones
259 Cedar Lane
Teaneck, NJ 07666

Name of laboratory-provider links (LPL) software CareEvolve
Configuration of LPL software standalone product that can interface with any company’s central LIS or EHR
• Software modifications or enhancements required on host LIS to interface HL7, PDF, or equivalent export module
• Percentage of LPL software customers who use another company's LIS
Year company began selling LPL software/Most recent LPL software installation* 1997/February 2017
Last major release or update of featured LPL software January 2017 (version 3.7.5)
No. of U.S. host or central labs using software clinically/No. of international host installs 126/0
• No. of U.S. host labs that electronically transfer orders from physician or other client system, through LPL software, into LIS in host lab 119
No. of contracts for host labs signed between January 2016–January 2017 9
No. of U.S. satellite or client location installations 10,000+ physician offices/190 provider institutions**
No. of employees in entire company
Provide list of client sites to potential customers on request yes (a list of comparable sites)
Ave. time to install, build files, train staff in physician offices/Other provider institutions** 1 hour/1.5 hours
Human languages (other than English) supported by system Spanish (others on request)
How demographics and billing information are transferred from EMR or physician office or clinic practice management system to LPL system one-time batch download/file transfer, or in real time, or via host query
Tools for facilitating data transfer from EMR or other provider system to LPL system use only software tools from CareEvolve/ELLKAY
How results are returned to physician offices or to other provider institutions** block of text, PDF, discrete data elements, images or graphs as TIFF or JPEG
Data interface standards operational ASTM 1238, HL7 2.x, HL7 2.3.1, HL7 2.5.1, HL7 3, ANSI X12 (ASC X12), HL7 FHIR, CDA, XML, others
System supports LOINC for identifying lab result database elements yes
Where patient test data are stored cloud as part of LPL application
• Order entry
- Medicare compliance checking using carrier-specific rules installed
- Advanced beneficiary notice printed if medical necessity criteria not met installed
- Local medical review policies can be viewed installed
- Automatic routing of order to different labs or hospitals according to payer rules installed
- Printing of lab’s requisitions/Printing of requisitions for other lab providers installed/installed
- Duplicate order checking installed
- Physician office-specific panels installed
- Orders can incorporate multiple specimens or parts in a single accession installed
- Software permits requests to run tests with specific test kits installed
- Physician office can electronically order supplies from host lab installed
- Automatic handling of scheduled or standing orders installed
• Printing of barcoded specimen labels/2D barcode on printed requisition installed/installed
• Software adapted for use in phlebotomy or collection stations installed
• Result receipt
- Stored as a block of text installed
- All items (result, reference range, units, etc.) stored as discrete data elements installed
- Automatic parsing of report pages to extract results not available
- Inquiry mode that allows physician office to check specimen status with host installed
• Reporting
- In exact format received from host lab/Cumulative installed/installed
- Integration of host and physician office lab results installed
- Display of new results for patient and/or clinic installed
- Remote access available to on-call physicians installed
- Unattended printing of reports installed
- Display current report with historical data on same screen installed
- Graph historical results with current results for trend analysis installed
• Physician can electronically sign reports to confirm review installed
• Physician can compose and send secure electronic messages to patients via email installed
• Physician can compose and send secure electronic messages to patients via PHR installed
• User-defined, rule-based system installed
• Alerts in physician office module installed
• Electronic transfer of data to another physician office via email (not encrypted) not available
• Electronic transfer of data to another physician office via encrypted email under development
• Electronic transfer of data to another phys. office via Web reference or pointer to website under development
• Electronic transfer of data to another physician office via fax installed
• Physician office can send requests for specimen pickup or courier service to host lab installed
• Financial
- Billing, collections, accounts receivable not available
- Electronic claims transfer/Interfaces to billing systems not available/installed
• Electronic medical record interface installed
• Interfaces to physician office lab instruments not available
• Entry of physician office lab results with edit checks not available
User group that meets on an established schedule yes (meets in person)
Client receives copy of source code no
LPL software functionality provided via ASP or cloud-based data center yes (only available as an ASP or cloud-based product)
System cost: one-time or initial charges/Monthly subscription fees 0–$50,000/$1,200–$7,000
• Basis for increasing fees as additional referring sites are added no increase—flat fee per host lab or based on multiple other fee options
• Situations where fees increase with additional services if order entry is added to result transmission or vice versa, or if special billing functions are added, or if additional interfaces are added, or no increase
System priced on a cost-per-transaction basis no
Distinguishing product or company features (supplied by vendor) • CareEvolve now an ELLKAY company, which provides customers access to ELLKAY’s connectivity and conversion services • chronic disease management analytics enable providers to identify patients with care gaps or outside PQRS quality ranges • customer support and implementation management provided by U.S. employees
*based on February 2017 survey deadline
**provider institution=hospital, surgery center, other nonphysician office site
Note: a dash in lieu of an answer means company did not answer question or question is not applicable
Tabulation does not represent an endorsement by the College of American Pathologists.