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LigoLab Information Systems, LigoLab Agile AP/LIS (AP Systems 2018)

LigoLab Information Systems, LigoLab Agile AP/LIS (AP Systems 2018)

Anatomic pathology computer systems, February 2018

Contact Information

LigoLab Information Systems
Suren Avunjian
Glendale, CA

Name of anatomic pathology system LigoLab Agile AP/LIS†
Configuration of AP system standalone product
Year company began selling AP systems (any brand or model) 2006
Most recent installation of this AP system* December 2017
Last major product release or update for featured AP system* November 2017 (version 4.0)
Total No. of contracts for sites operating AP system
• No. of sales of this system between Dec. 2016–Nov. 2017
No. of sites operating AP system in U.S./Outside U.S. 62 (hospitals, independent labs)/0
Market AP systems outside the U.S. no
• Foreign locations in which system installed
No. of employees in entire company/Focused solely on AP systems development, installation, support 33/27
Provide list of client sites to potential customers on request yes (complete list but prospective client must sign a nondisclosure agreement)
Clients restricted from sharing their experience with company or software no
Range in No. of surgical pathology cases per year in installed sites 5,000–300,000
Range in No. of gynecologic cytology cases per year in installed sites 5,000–500,000
Programming languages Java
Databases and tools Microsoft SQL, Oracle
Operating systems Windows, Macintosh, Linux, iOS, Android
• Surgical pathology information system/Cytology information system installed/installed
• Autopsy information system/Autopsy measurements, organ weights installed/installed
• Specimen log-in/Ability to scan and store manual requisitions installed/installed
• Specimen tracking/Specimen storage and retrieval installed/installed
• Entry of block IDs installed
• Specimen labels/Histology slide labels installed/installed
• Barcoded slide labels/Barcoded cassettes installed/installed
• Linear barcodes/Two-dimensional barcodes installed/installed
• Histology worksheets installed
• Word processing—vendor specific installed
• Voice entry of gross description/Voice entry of final diagnosis installed/installed
• Gross images integrated in reports installed
• Microscopic images integrated in reports installed
• Electronic signature installed
• Remote printing of completed reports/Direct fax reports installed/installed
• Web-based remote inquiry of reports installed
• Physician Web access for order entry installed
• Natural language search capability installed
• Multi-site or multi-facility–wide area network installed
• Sound-alike retrieval of patient history installed
• Tumor registry reports/Management reports installed/installed
• Reports sufficient to comply with CLIA ’88 regulations installed
• Comprehensive billing and AR/Interface to external billing system installed/installed
• Inbound result-reporting interface to receive discrete results from an external lab and store them in patient record installed
• EHR interface: admissions/discharge/transfer (ADT) installed
• EHR interface: result reporting/Report sent to EHR as PDF for clinician installed/installed
• EHR interface: incoming clinical results installed
• Partin tables/Gleason score calculations installed/installed
• Synoptic reporting for microscopic examination/For gross examination installed/installed
• CAP electronic cancer checklists automatically embedded installed
• Client services module/Consult management and reporting installed/installed
• LIS manager or lab employee can create ad hoc reports accessing all data elements in AP system installed
• Lab can define and modify schedule under which management and patient reports are automatically compiled and run installed
• Business analytics and management dashboard installed
• Support for molecular testing and reporting installed
Percentage of sites using result-reporting interfaces to external systems based on transmission of fully formatted (e.g., PDF or CDA) results not tracked
Software provides indexed field in each test definition for LOINC code yes
AP system supports use of SNOMED CT for all cases no
System can auto. send tumor diagnoses to regional or state tumor registry yes
Other lab-related vendor systems to which software has an interface CoPath
Voice-recognition products or partners that system uses Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Medical
Whole slide imaging systems that interface to AP system
Human languages (other than English) offered on system French, Spanish
Client receives copy of source code escrow
User group that meets on established schedule yes (meets in person, via webinar, and via conference call)
Methods by which users can tailor AP system in their own setting ad hoc query tools, user-defined interfaces, dictionary settings
Standard software maintenance fee covers periodic system updates yes
Fee for software modifications to comply with federal regs and laws no charge (standard)
Functionality provided via ASP or cloud-based data center available as a local server or an ASP or cloud-based product (client’s option)
Total cost for smallest existing standalone AP system installation** $15,000 (annual maintenance fee, $36,000)
Total cost for largest existing standalone AP system installation** $250,000 (annual maintenance fee, $600,000)
Distinguishing product features (supplied by company) • numerous comprehensive, integrated modules • aligned pricing model: no capital investment, pay per case; zero licensing cost until system is running • rapid upgrade program: new features deployed to all customers quarterly at no additional cost
*based on December 2017 survey deadline
**total cost includes hardware, software, installation, and training
Note: a dash in lieu of an answer means company did not answer question or question is not applicable
All information is supplied by the companies listed. The tabulation does not represent an endorsement by the CAP. †formerly LigoLab AP/LIS