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Portable real-time PCR thermocycler, 11/17

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November 2017—Tetracore announced that its T-Cor 8 portable real-time PCR thermocycler has achieved CE-IVD status. The T-Cor 8, and its proprietary software, is a point-of-care diagnostic system that enables real-time molecular testing in hospitals, clinics, physician offices, and field applications. The system is “cloud ready” and capable of being networked (WiFi/ethernet) for remote access and data download. Features include eight independently programmable wells, a 10.4-inch (26.4 cm) touchscreen with a virtual keyboard, and an integrated barcode scanner. The platform runs multiple protocols simultaneously and can be plugged in or run on the built-in battery, which provides up to four hours of continuous testing.

Tetracore, 240-268-5400