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MilliporeSigma launches flow cytometer

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April 23, 2018MilliporeSigma is launching its CellStream flow cytometry system at the CYTO 2018 conference, April 28–May 2 in Prague.

The CellStream benchtop flow cytometry system is a compact and customizable flow cytometer that uses a camera for detection. The system features Amnis detection technology, a customizable and field upgradeable system with up to seven lasers. It takes low-resolution images and converts them into intensity data. The CellStream software features an event gallery that allows users to see if the sample is flowing through the system. The camera-based system also enables doublet discrimination with aspect ratio to visually confirm singlet, double, or aggregate events. The daily calibration routine, Assist, is a comprehensive set of automated self-tests to ensure internal systems are functioning within factory specifications. The sample format is 96-well plates or tubes.

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