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Inspirata buys AIM

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Jan. 9, 2018—Cancer informatics and digital pathology workflow solution provider Inspirata announced it has acquired Toronto-based Artificial Intelligence in Medicine. AIM has spent more than 30 years developing and commercializing tools that leverage artificial intelligence and natural language processing to extract cancer-related information and data from clinical documents, such as pathology reports, molecular testing reports, treatment plans, and clinicians’ notes.

“The acquisition of AIM is extremely strategic for Inspirata because it enables us to bolster our own NLP development efforts by leveraging AIM’s 30-plus years in this field,” Inspirata CEO Satish Sanan said in a statement. “AIM has an outstanding group of NLP engineers and data scientists as well as a solid leadership team that will remain in place and continue to focus on R and D and business growth. This acquisition also establishes a solid footprint for Inspirata in Canada, allowing us to better grow our customer base to our north.”

Jack Golabek, vice president of engineering for AIM, will become AIM’s new CEO and will report to Sanan.

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