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Immunoassay interference blocker, 11/17

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November 2017—Meridian Life Science launched its next-generation active human anti-mouse antibody (HAMA) blocker, TruBlock Ultra. It works over several assay types and blocks interference created by HAMA, rheumatoid factor, and heterophilic antibodies. Its blocking effectiveness has been proven in both ELISA and lateral flow assay formats. The broad coverage of TruBlock Ultra against HA/RF allows IVD manufacturers to use this active blocker at reduced concentrations and achieve higher assay performance.

Other products released by Meridian include the CHIKV E1-E2 Wild-Type Recombinant complex, which represents full-length E1 and E2 glycoproteins assembled in a 1:1 heterodimer complex. E1-E2 heterodimer complex mimics the structure of the natural virus. By using insect cells as an expression host, the natural glycosylation, furin processing, and plasma membrane translocation of E1 and E2 are maintained. Studies have shown that post-translational processing of chikungunya glycoproteins in insect-infected cells resemble the processing during a natural chikungunya infection. It is suitable for use in ELISA and lateral flow assay formats.

Vitamin D antibodies and antigens for assay development include antibody/antigen pairings for lateral flow and ELISA and radioimmunoassay, and monoclonal antibodies and antigens available lyophilized and as a liquid.

Meridian’s high-performing Helicobacter pylori antibodies are available for developing H. pylori stool antigen assays.

Meridian Life Science, 901-382-8716


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