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Hologic adds Open Access functionality to Panther Fusion

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Nov. 13, 2018Hologic announced the availability of Open Access functionality for its Panther Fusion system. The enhanced functionality will allow CLIA-certified laboratories to develop laboratory-developed tests to run on the fully automated Fusion platform. Laboratories will be able to run their LDTs simultaneously with commercially available IVD assays, and results will release automatically to laboratory information systems.

“We know that our diagnostic lab customers place a high value on flexibility, which is one of the reasons we launched Panther Fusion with polymerase chain reaction, commonly known as PCR, capability last year,” Tom West, president of Hologic’s diagnostic solutions division, said in a statement. “The current software introduction builds on that launch by providing tools that labs can use to design and use LDTs on a fully automated platform, as well as consolidate their LDTs with commercial assays to maximize productivity.”

The Panther Fusion is available as a full system, or the Panther Fusion module can be attached to existing Panther systems to extend testing capabilities. The Panther Fusion module adds the capacity to run PCR assays in addition to tests based on transcription-mediated amplification. The Open Access functionality is enabled by myAccess software, which is designed to help laboratories create protocols, analyze data, set thresholds, and interpret results.


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