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Helmer Scientific launches next-gen cell washer

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March 2, 2018Helmer Scientific has announced the release of its FDA 510(k)-cleared, next-generation automatic cell washing system, the UltraCW II, for hospital blood banks and clinical laboratories.

The UltraCW II automates steps within typical tube testing blood bank workflows. It removes plasma and unwanted antibodies from blood cells for pretransfusion testing procedures—ABO and Rh grouping, antibody identification, and cross-matching.

The system features a color touchscreen for intuitive and easy-to-use programming and operation. An electronic flow meter and digital calibration ensure precise saline fills each time. A diaphragm pump allows the saline to be stored above or below the cell washer and connects directly to the unit.

“Helmer Scientific is very proud of our heritage delivering innovative solutions to transfusion services for over 40 years,” Ben Greenfield, director of marketing, said in a statement. “The recent release of the UltraCWII cell washing system is another example of how we focus on providing products designed to improve user experience and user efficiency, and help our customers ensure the highest levels of patient safety.”

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