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Discovery Teal HRP chromogen detection kit, 3/18

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March 2018—Roche launched the Discovery Teal HRP kit, a modular-based detection kit to identify and profile biomarkers and cell populations in tissue-based research.

Discovery Teal horseradish peroxidase kit can be used in combination with other detection kits, expanding the multiplexing capability of immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization by providing a distinct color that contrasts with other chromogens. Discovery Teal complements chromogens including Discovery Yellow, Discovery Purple, and Discovery Red, providing a variety of chromogens to choose from for multiplexing up to six biomarkers simultaneously. It is translucent and can form a third color when overlapping with another chromogen. This property enables researchers to analyze the co-localization of multiple biomarkers through the spatial overlapping of two signals in the context of tissue.

The kit is supplied in ready-to-use dispensers and provides a stable staining signal during alcohol dehydration. It can be fully automated on the Discovery Ultra system.

Roche, 520-887-2155


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