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Cell washer, 11/17

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November 2017—The CW3 Cell Washer, from Thermo Scientific, is an FDA-cleared, fully automated, high-performance cell washer designed to enable precise, thorough, reproducible, and rapid blood cell washing of up to 24 tubes in a three-minute run.

Users can select preset programs that have been designed to run in automatic mode, to accelerate blood cell washing cycles, and to achieve significant time savings. Optimal corpuscle dryness is achieved by setting the desired decanting speed. Corpuscle washing is improved with the optional overflow method during the centrifugation step. Other features include an automatic alert mechanism that informs users about low or disrupted saline levels and when a run is complete, a view port on top of the unit that facilitates quick calibration, and, to reduce the risk of cross-contamination, the saline distributor is mounted directly on top of the rotor. When closed-monitoring washing is required, the system can be operated in manual mode for washing cells step by step.

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