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Cobas HPV test approved for first-line screening using SurePath preservative fluid
August 2018—Roche received FDA approval for the Cobas HPV test to be used as the first-line screening test for cervical cancer in women 25 and older using specimens collected in SurePath preservative fluid. The Roche test is now the only HPV test approved for use as a primary screening test with both SurePath and ThinPrep PreservCyt Solution. It is approved for all of the screening indications supported by guidelines—primary screening in women 25 and older, reflex testing of unclear Pap test results in women 21 and older, and cotesting with a Pap test in women 30 and older—with both of the primary collection media types. “With this additional approval for the Cobas HPV Test, laboratories and clinicians now have an approved option that can be used for all of their HPV screening indications and sample types,” Ann Costello, head of Roche tissue diagnostics, said in a statement.

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Anatomic pathology selected abstracts

Analysis of the surveillance of women diagnosed with atypical ductal hyperplasia on core needle biopsy
August 2018—A needle core biopsy diagnosis of atypical ductal hyperplasia is an indication for open biopsy. The launch of randomized clinical trials of active surveillance for low-risk ductal carcinoma in situ leads to the paradoxical situation of women with low-grade ductal carcinoma in situ being observed and those with atypical ductal hyperplasia having surgery.

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Molecular pathology selected abstracts

Prevalence of clonal hematopoiesis mutations in tumor-only clinical genomic profiling of solid tumors
August 2018—Challenges to implementing next-generation sequencing-based comprehensive molecular profiling of solid tumors include reliably separating germline variants from somatic variants. This is an important consideration, particularly when a “tumor-only” profiling approach is used.

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New digital pathology certificate program educates ‘from A to Z’
August 2018—While there’s a lot of buzz about the growth of digital pathology, its steep learning curve is a potential impediment to implementation. Recognizing this, the National Society for Histotechnology, in collaboration with the Digital Pathology Association, launched in May a web-based digital pathology certificate program designed to provide both a broad overview of digital pathology and a deep dive into the details.

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