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With metagenomic sequencing, no pathogen can hide

January 2017—Detecting pathogenic organisms with PCR has become a staple of the clinical microbiology laboratory, so much so that it seems like it has always been there. A more advanced molecular technique—unbiased metagenomic next-generation sequencing—will increasingly become a part of infectious disease diagnosis because it has several advantages over PCR. While it will be demanding to perform at first, it, too, may become a standard method in the clinical microbiology laboratory.

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Cytopathology In Focus: CAP meets MOC with à la carte modules online

January 2017—It’s the end of the year, say, and you are just a few self-assessment modules, or SAMs, short of the required 20 in your area of expertise—anatomic pathology. You have to meet the requirements for the American Board of Pathology’s Maintenance of Certification and time-limited cytopathology and AP/CP certificates for each two-year reporting cycle. What to do?

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The what and why of diagnostic management teams

January 2017—Michael Laposata, MD, PhD, has been speaking for years about the need for laboratory consultations and diagnostic management teams, and he will lead the first formal meeting Feb. 7–8 in Galveston, Tex., on what the teams are and how to implement them. Writer Ron Shinkman put a few questions to him about diagnostic management teams and pathology practice. Dr. Laposata is a professor in and chairman of the Department of Pathology, University of Texas Medical Branch-Galveston. Here’s what he said.

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